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The vision of the hosts of the 5th World Summit on Media for Children in South Africa in 2007, is to produce a global and interactive conference to discuss and debate issues around children and media, with tangible, workable and sustainable outcomes.


The 5th World Summit on Media for Children will showcase the diversity of the global childrens media environment with a focus on developing countries achievements. The common purpose is to ensure that a multiplicity of childrens voices is heard. It will provide a platform for debate, a forum for discussion, the participation in interactive sessions, and an opportunity to share best practices.

The extent of Africas media environment will be on show, but it will also be a World Summit relying on the spirit of ubuntu - I am because you are - to share global needs, situations and possibilities.

Today, interactive multimedia technologies provide us with new ways to draw upon children's natural impulses. These new media encompass an abundance of materials including text, voice, music, graphics, photos, animation, and video. But they provide more than abundance by bringing all these media together means that we can expand vastly the range of learning experiences to open up the social and natural worlds to a wide audience.

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